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The « Palais Garnier » is the most famous Opera house in the world. It is a symbol of Paris like Notre Dame cathedral, the Louvre Museum or the Sacré Cœur basilica. I love this place since I discovered it when I was 6 years old.

Pop in Paname Garnier

A monumental Opera

The Palais Garnier is a Parisian Opera house offering almost 2000 seats. It was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera. Its first name was « Salle des Capucines » as it was located on « Boulevard des Capucines » in the 9th district of Paris. It soon became the « Palais Garnier » in recognition of its opulence and its architect Charles Garnier. It is also often called the « Opera Garnier ». The building features a large ceremonial staircase of white marble with a balustrade of red and green marble, which divides into two divergent flights of stairs that lead to the Grand Foyer. But what I love the most is the monumental Chagall painting on ceiling of the main room.

Pop in Paname Garnier Pop in Paname Garnier Pop in Paname Garnier

Ideal for dance lovers

I much prefer Palais Garnier than Opéra Bastille. This is not only for its architectural background but also as it mainly presents ballets. And I really love ballet dance. At the Christmas period, the classical ballets are being performed. Now you can enjoy « La Dame aux Camelias » from John Neumeier or « Cendrillon » from Rudolf Noureev. Both are typical romantic ballets that you will love.

Pop in Paname Garnier Pop in Paname Garnier Pop in Paname Garnier

For children, I recommend the lessons of the Paris Opéra dance school. I went there a few months ago with my goddaugther (6 years old) and she was amazed. It’s the good way for a first step at the Opéra Garnier.

Gourmet or escape game breaks  

As a ballet is quite long (3 hours), I recommend you to have dinner before at « L’Entracte » in front of the Palais Garnier. The service is typical Parisian, but food is good (the one of a french brasserie), service quick and the view on the Palais Garnier is memorable!

You can also enjoy an escape game in the wonderful place (28€ per adult). Attempt to solve the Curse of the Phantom of the Opera !

Enjoy your discovery and share your feelings with me!

Have a wonderful festive season !

Pop in Paname Garnier