I discovered « Les Grands Voisins » one year ago. You should visit this place as soon as possible! You will enjoy a unique experience in this nice area dedicated to creativity & inspiration.

“Les Grands Voisins”: the concept

This place used to be the “Saint-Vincent-de-Paul” Hospital. It is located in the future eco-district that should be born in 2023. The experience of “Les Grands Voisins” will be enjoyable until 2020. A daily reception is dedicated to asylum seekers recently arrived in Paris and the place welcomes a hundred of associations, artists, and young companies. I love Street art that is everywhere at « Les Grands Voisins ».

Eco-friendly & social place

« Les Grands Voisins » is a place that takes care of the environment and avoids the waste. A big compost bin is available for all and helps the decomposition of organic matter. Some shared gardens permit Parisians to enjoy gardening. You will find nice secondhand products in the thrift shops : games for children, books, clothes and even crockery. You could also give to « Les Grands Voisins » all the products you are not using anymore rather than throwing them away!

Creativity & good vibes

What I love at « Les Grands Voisins » is also the wide range of shops to discover french companies from flower shops to jewel’s ones. A lot of lessons are also organized from Yoga to dance! You should discover the full program and find your favourite time to visit this amazing place!