About me

Why did I choose to write this blog ? It directly has a link with my professional career and personal background. Want to learn more about it? Check my bio here!

Blog Pop in Paname

My passions 

This blog “Pop in Paname” combines two of my passions : tourism and writing. And I thought it might be interesting for people discovering Paris to have a view from the inside! And well, yes, I still feel like a tourist in Paris 🙂


Tourism ❤ ? I always loved to discover new countries since I started travelling when I was 15 years old. My first idea was to work on tourist tours in a Tour Operator. That’s why I chose to do a Master 2 in Marketing in tourism at ISC Paris Business Schoold and why I studied Marketing at Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. It also offered me the chance  to discover a new continent and improve my english.

Blog Pop in Paname

Then, once back from Hong Kong to Paris with my diploma,  I worked 4 years for the airline from Hong Kong : Cathay Pacific. I was responsible for the development of the loyalty strategy for France and also for the company brand image together with a PR agency.

After this experience, I chose to go back to my first love : the hotel industry. When I was younger I worked during a summer job in a familial hotel in the UK and I loved the service spirit. I also worked one year for Best Western France at the headquarter in Marketing. What was missing for me was to have an experience inside a hotel, to live the hotel life, to work closely with all hotel services, and to meet clients on a daily basis. That’s now the case, for 4 years, at Hilton Paris Opera. I’m in charge of hotel promotion and brand image as Marketing & Communication Executive.

As Marketing is now mostly Digital, I’m working this year on a 150 hours certification in Digital Marketing.


Writing ❤ ? Yes, I reminder even when I was 7 years old I loved to write poems. I found one of them recently at my grandmother’s flat ! This is in french, about a flower ! Fortunately my spelling skills have well improved since this period 😉

Blog Pop in Paname

I also had the opportunity to benefit from a training in journalism technical skills when I worked for Cathay Pacific, which was really interesting and complete ! As you can imagine, what I like the most in my now 10 years work experience is to write (newsletters, articles, posts etc…)

Blog Pop in Paname