As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his or her best tip for you! The article will be sent through my weekly newsletter the first Sunday of each month! You can register online for the weekly Parisian tip on my home page! This month my colleague Jenci is sharing his best tips!

Firstly tell me more about you Jenci?

I am originally from Belgium. I have been working and living in Paris for 2 years now. I have also lived 4 months in Canada & four months in Mexico before my Parisian experience. I am a citizen of the world and I love travelling and discovering new cultures. I also have my own blog where I talk about my travels and working abroad experiences:


What do you like about Paris?

I love Paris because of the architecture, I love the French food and the cozy bars. My favorite part of the City are: Le Marais for Sunday afternoon walk and Montmartre for the art and nightlife.

Which tip would you like to share with Pop In Paname?

Since I am from Belgium and I love waffles, I want to share with you my best waffle experience in Paris. Yummy & Guiltfree is a place located in “Le Marais” next to the BHV Marais department store & Hotel de Ville that create its own gluten free waffles. You can choose between salty & sugar waffles with original toppings starting from the French “Croque Monsieur” to “La Végétale” one for vegetable lovers.


Why do you love this tip?

The recipes are created by the renowned Chef Damien Cassart and have very unique flavors. On top of that, the restaurant is really cosy & the staff is amazing. They go out of the way to provide you a nice discovery and they give good recommendation according to your taste. The waffles are served very cutely with a little knot and they are really colorful which is an eye catcher for the people who pass by our table.

Waffles Jenci

A last tip for Pop in Paname?

A completely different thing, if you want to do something “out of the box” in Paris, on a Saturday night, I really recommend the Cabaret “Madame Arthur” located close to Pigalle. In this historical Cabaret you will find la “Troupe de Madame Arthur” who will without any doubt entertain you really well during the entire evening. They sing live traditional French love & drama songs. The nice thing is that the audience is taking part of the show since the ladies are interacting with the public and making fun of them. These ladies are actually men dressed and acting as women. They have 2 different shows: one at 9PM and one at 11pm. You can also enjoy dinner during the show and taste one of the homemade cocktails! Entrance fee at 15€ for a night full of enjoyment, you can even stay and dance on the French beats at “Divan du Monde”.

The perfect way to spend an out of the ordinary evening in the heart of Paris!💖