As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his or her best tip for you! The article will be sent through my weekly newsletter the first Sunday of each month! You can register online for the weekly Parisian tip on my home page! This month my friend Nathalie is sharing her best tip!

Firstly, tell me more about you Nathalie?

I am a real Parisian. I love this city: its atmosphere, its architecture, its cultural and artistic opportunities … But I don’t like its crowded Metro 😉

What do you love doing in Paris?

I love to walk there, take advantage of the many bars and restaurants, go to exhibitions and what I love the most is swimming 🏊🏻

Which tip would you like to share with « Pop in Paname »?

After trying several pools in the capital :  some dirty, some dark, water to cold, showers without pressure, hair hanging etc… I  discovered the pool in which I feel good : « Le Quartier Sport » (« piscine de Pontoise »)!  It is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, rue de Pontoise and its building is listed as a historical monument. It was built in 1934 and a scene from the movie « The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain » has been filmed there! This swimming pool has helped also Commander Cousteau for scuba diving tests. Its charm is linked with its architecture … but not only!

Why do you love this place?

I love the length of the 33 meters bassin. I also love its retro style,  its high ceiling, its glass, its two floors of cabins around the corridors gives a « wow » effect!  That is so nice to swim in a movie set! Charm, light and large space are his main advantages ! It opens every day of the week, and also at night from Monday to Friday until 11:45pm! The only downside is the entrance fee : a little more expensive than the Parisian classic pools: € 4.80. But believe me it’s worth it!

A last tip for « Pop in Paname »?

To alternate pleasures the building also hosts a gym, squash and care in this full sport complex! 💪

                                                                      Thank you for sharing your tip with me Nath 😘