As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his or her best tip for you! The article will be sent through my weekly newsletter the first Sunday of each month. This month my friend Pauline will tell you more about her Roller skates passion in Paris.

Firstly tell me more about you Pauline?

Parisian by birth, Norman of heart and Quebecker by adoption, I feel citizen of the world. But the « Pop in Paname » blog is showcasing Paris and I have been lucky to have lived there for thirty years and always be dazzled by this city of a thousand and one activities. Ecologist in my heart, I am also crazy about sports. I put on my first pair of roller skates, FicherPrice® when I was 6 years old and I never gave up this sliding sport. I practiced jumping in urban spaces, with my Quads. Then « agressive skating » in the skateparks. I also do speed roller skating, on circuits, with long platinum rollers. Today I always take so much pleasure to do free-ride: a free session taking into account the urban environment. Roller staking is a part of my life ! It contributes to my physical and mental well-being.

Which tip would you like to share with « Pop In Paname »?

I would like to share a good plan which takes place in Paris every Friday Night ! When we talk about Paris, we immediately think of the City of Lights. And to enjoy Paris in an original and sporting way, the association Pari Roller organizes every Friday evening from 9:30pm to midnight a rhythmic ride in the boulevards, avenues and streets of Paris. You will spot the staff easily : they are dressed with a yellow T-shirt. A team of rescue staff is also present with a red T-shirt. The departure takes place on the square of the « Gare Montparnasse ».

Why do you love this tip?

Because riding is both good for the body & the spirit :

  • Interaction with slide enthusiasts
  • Sharing sporting values such as self-improvement, team cohesion, mutual help and sharing.
  • This is another way to discover Paris, within 20 to 25 km we go through different neighbourhoods with different atmospheres.
  • It’s ecological : we move thanks to our endurance and also our wheels
    I built strong friendship. These riders have become my second family. It’s friendly. We laugh a lot. Some passers cheer us up on our way ! It’s fun !

A last tip for Pop in Paname ?

There are gatherings of roller skating enthusiasts almost every night of the week. Three associations are present :
1. Asso Pari Roller, every Friday Night from 09:30pm to Midnight
2. Asso Planet Roller whith rides on full moon evenings !
3. Asso Rollers & Coquillages every Sunday from 2:30pm to 5pm departure from Bastille.

Thank you so much Pauline for sharing this top tip with « Pop in Paname »! 😘

For more information :

Pauline Rouillé, Membership & Rescue Staff Manager for Pari Roller