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We often hear that meditation is a way to live better. I started to practice it a few years ago and it really helps me to feel relaxed and happy! There are a lot of ways to meditate : with the Yoga for example, particularly the Fly Yoga that I have described in another article. This time, I will present you a Parisian « Bar à meditation » that I discovered a few months ago. Whoever you are, a meditation addict, here in Paris for a few days, and looking for a quiet place, or a busy Parisian looking for some relaxation, try this place!

Meditation Blog Pop in Paname

« Bar à Meditation »

I have been surprised to read that a « Meditation bar » was opening in Paris and I was really curious to know what this place could offer me. In the really busy « Opéra garnier » Parisian district, this place is a cocoon. It offers you the possibility to meditate on your own or to meditate with a 15 people group in confortable amchairs. Meditation is good to reconnect with yourself without being disturbed by some harmful thoughts.

Meditation on your own

Believe me, it’s not that easy to find a quiet place in Paris! That’s why this « bar » is a nice place to be alone and to rediscover yourself. They are several times in the day to privatize a meditation room just for you!

Guided meditation

Some guided meditation is also proposed and here is a good news : some are proposed in English as well! Many different times are offered. Some meditation on : emotions, thoughts, mindfulness etc… They are also some times for teenagers and children. Even if you are with a group, you all are focused and concentrated on your meditation work! We will feel regenerated after your session!

Try and enjoy! You will love it :-)!