Have you heard about « Les Nounours des Gobelins »? They have invaded the « Gobelins » parisian area (13th district of Paris) since last November. This new concept was initiated by a bookseller. I will tell you the story 😉

A social impact for shopkeepers…

Philippe holds a Press office at 25, avenue des Gobelins. He first started to stage some big 1m40 teddy bears in his library and in the surroundings. It enticed other shopkeepers to do the same and it created a nice warm bubbling spirit in the area. Philippe has worked here for 25 years and never had the opportunity to talk that much with his neighbours than during the last 3 months! It also created a warm friendly atmosphere between the residents! And made the district more attractive 😉

A social impact for Parisians…

The mayor of this district, Jérôme Coumet, supports this trend which is highlighting a kind of rebirth for « Les Gobelins » area. He even married 2 big teddy bears on Saturday, January 12th in the town hall and organized a tea party for children, their parents & the résidents on January 26th. The Teddy Bears are more and more followed on the social media! People love to see them reading a book, walking in the street or even sleeping!

The children’s tea party was a kind of Farewell but don’t worry, they will be back in spring! 🌷

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