You know how much I love “Le Marais” historical district and its hidden restaurants.  You really should discover “Jaja” as well. It is a creative and nice restaurant with delicious food and a nice terrace.

A must do at « Le Marais district »

“Jaja” is locally at 3 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie in the heart of « Le Marais ». The service is friendly, with care and attention to details. The ambiance is quiet and chic. Children are welcome here as the restaurant is large to welcome strollers. Service is quick and you do not need to book your table in advance which is quite unusual at Le Marais!

A creative menu

“Jaja” serves classical French dishes such as scallops or veal roast. I tried the dish of the day, the duck “magret” with oyster mushrooms. This meal is absolutely delicious and this combination really nice. I love the “Terre de Café” partnership for coffees. This my preferred coffee brand as you already know thanks to my article about this shop.  After you lunch, have a walk in the area to discover trendy shops in all categories, from jewelry to clothes and art gallery. Enjoy!