You have to discover the show “J’aime Brassens” at the « Théâtre Edgar », a few steps from the Montparnasse Tower. The singer Aude Duhamel performs the most famous songs of Georges Brassens, the French singer-songwriter that I’m sure you know. This is the ideal way to start the New Year well!

Aude Duhamel’s performance

Aude Duhamel is a young French singer with a delicate voice. She is on the stage with her guitarist : this fantastic pair shares their warm energy with the public. Aude relates George Brassens’s life and sings his most beautiful songs. She highlights the links between his life stories and his songs. She also entices the public to sing with her offering nice proximity with the audience.

An enchanting break

The “Théatre Edgar” is really easily accessible, a few steps from the Métro Edgard Quinet. The show performs every Saturday and Sunday at 3:30pm from January 18th to March 1st 2020.

This is the perfect week-end afternoon break to feel peaceful and to start 2020 with good vibes!

Enjoy the show ! 🙂