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In 2015, the City of Paris launched a plan to fight against food waste and made it one of its main priority!

Blog Pop in Paname

Food waste in Paris

59 000 tons : this is the sad number of food thrown every year in Paris! Parisian people throw food 3 times more than in other parts of France. The City of Paris objective is to reduce this number by half  before 2025! Among the actions planned : an awareness campaign  to Parisian people & restaurateurs. The Parisians are more and more educated to reduce food waste… You will discover here some actions & tips if you are visiting Paris as a tourist or staying here forever 😉 !

Applications to reduce waste 

One of my favourite applications on my phone is : “Too Good To To”. Its motto is : “Eat well. Save money. Save the planet”. The brand was launched 2 years ago by Lucie Basch and has grown really quicky. It is now implemented in Norway, UK, Switzerland, Germany and … France, particularly in Paris! The goal of this application is to offer vendors the possibility to propose daily unsold food stocks to application users at a lower price at the end of the day. The portion is booked online by the user. He will meet the restaurateur at the closing time and receive its “surprise” portion according to products available! I have always been really well welcomed by vendors part of this program! Download this application  as soon as you can…you will find a “Too Good To Go” partner at every Parisian corner!

Share your menus!

If you love to cook and if you have always some additional parts that you cannot eat only by yourself, the site is for you! Instead of wasting food, sell it to your neighbours! You will make them happy and they will have the chance to discover new recipes!

Parisian markets action

About Parisian markets, the first “Tente des glaneurs” in Paris has been installed on the Joinville market (19th district). The association redistributes unsold foods to visitors.  The volunteers of the association are redistributing between 300 and 400 kilos of unsold goods to about 80 “glaneurs” every Sunday! A good initiative to reduce the waste!

An example 

Also, this week I met Jeremy, a restaurateur who shared with me some tips! As he is doing… be careful and do your best to fight food waste! La planète vous dit merci 😉 !