Speakeasy Pop in Paname

Paris is the perfect city to go out with your friends! Nevertheless, we are used to always visiting the same bars whether we are in Paris forever or for a short trip! Hidden Bars are the top places to escape the Parisian routine and discover new places !

Speakeasy Pop in Paname Speakeasy Pop in Paname Speakeasy Pop in Paname

Speakeasy & History

Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the production, importation, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages from 1920 to 1933. At that time, a lot of hidden bars have emerged. It’s almost the 100th anniversary of the prohibition & hidden bars. They were called « speakeasy » as people should be quiet to mention them. A lot of hidden bars are emerging in Paris for some years… It’s the new trend!

Speakeasy Pop in Paname

Best hidden Bars in Paris 

La Mezcaleria

The 1K Hotel is ideally located in the Marais district, on 13 bld du Temple (Métro : Filles du Calvaire). Firstly, it offers a South American food restaurant : the Inka restaurant. At the back of the kitchen, you will find  my favourite Parisian speakeasy : La Mezcaleria. This hidden bar speciality is the « Mezcal », an alcoholic drink from Mexico. The cocktail menu is fitting all tastes. The « Flamingo bleu » for example has a magical blue colour but be careful : it’s really strong 😉 If you do not drink alcohol, try the « I am the driver » cocktail! The service is really friendly and cool, in a colourful ambiance! Have a try and enjoy this barSpeakeasy Pop in Paname


La Candelaria

At first sight, « La Candelaria » is a tiny mexican restaurant. The first time I was there, I could’t imagine that a bar was hidden behind a small door at the back of the restaurant 😉 When you go there, you will find a cocktail area, really crowded! You should book a table to be sure to have a seat !


It’s now time for you to find your new favourite… secret spot!