I already wrote an article regarding some beautiful parisian gardens.  This new one is dedicated to beginning gardeners (like me!) or plant lovers and I’m sure you will be surprised of all options and spots Paris is offering you 😉

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Végétalisons Paris 

Wherever you live, this is a good season to plant some range of flowers to be sure to have them growing in Spring! I’m thinking about dafodills,  narcissuses and anemones for example. In Paris, the “Mairie de Paris” launched the action “végétalisons Paris” to entice Parisian to make Paris greener. Last week for example some “anemone” bulbs have been offered to Parisian  living in the 13th district to flower their balconies for next Spring! I have planted them and I am eager to be in March  to see their colors!

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You might also have noticed some plantings down the Parisian trees… this is another project of this action… If you photography some of them, don’t forget to tag #vegetalisonsparis!

Végétalisons Paris

Places to have a drink

If you are in Paris for a week-end, a week or more, you will have the chance to discover some fabulous places full of plants! “Les 2 au coin” is the ideal place for a tea time, a coworking moment or an afterwork in a bar full of plants! The “El Alamein” boat terrace on the picture below, or le Brebant restaurant are also some nice plant places to explore! Regarding vegetal walls, the most beautiful in Paris is the one from “Quai branly museum” :  a total of 15000 plants from 150 species throughout the world hang from the façade of the building. I also like the one from BHV Marais Homme, rue de la Verrerie.

Bar Plantes Paris

Gardening lessons

For children & adults, Parisian or tourists, there is a great choice for gardening lessons.   “BobyLaPlante” (5th district) on every season & “Le Petit Bain” (12th district) when the sun is back are my 2 favourite ones! And do not forget to visit flower markets : the famous one from île de la cité and the flower shops at “The Marché des Enfants Rouges”, the oldest covered market in Paris.