Pop in Paname Fly Yoga

What I love in Paris are the multiple possibilities offered to discover new activities and to escape from the Parisian “métro-boulot-dodo” routine !

Fly Yoga : to feel like a bird 

Yoga is now practiced in many ways and it’s really efficient when I see that my Yoga addict 80-year-old grandmother is much more limber than me 😉 It is also really good for the spirit as you can imagine. The Yoga I prefer is the fly Yoga, as you feel like a bird during all your lesson… We are quite lucky to have the opportunity to try it in Paris!

Courses to discover it 

I enjoyed several fly Yoga lessons at the class Fly Yoga by Florie Ravinet, 61 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière (métro Poissonnière, line 7).  On Sunday morning at 11:00 a course for beginners is proposed with Olivia. Some courses are also dedicated to youths and to parents with their chidren.

Perfect for body and mind

Fly Yoga is the perfect activity for your body and your mind!

  • For your Body: it’s ideal to stretch it! On the floor or in your comfortable hammock, you will try different Yoga positions ideals to make you limber! In some positions, you will really have the impression to fly 😉
  • For your mind : all lessons are starting with a meditation moment. The balancing movement of your hammock will automatically calm you. The downward dog posture is favorable to relaxation. I’m sure you will also enjoy some funny moments when trying to switch from a position to another!

When Fly Yoga is more confortable to you, you can try the circus lesson!

Pop in Paname Fly Yoga

I suggest to you before or after your lesson to have a coffee break or a brunch at Laelo the famous vegan restaurant with nice healthy products!

Have a nice fly Yoga discovery ❤ !