As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his or her best tip for you! The article will be sent through my weekly newsletter the first Sunday of each month. This month Solène is sharing her passion for the Christmas time in Paris! 🎄


Firstly, tell me more about you Solène ?

I am a French girl, originally from Strasbourg, I have lived in Paris for one year now. What I love the most is eating! I love discovering new types of food and new restaurants, especially places with excellent desserts. Strasbourg is my favourite city, nevertheless taking a walk around Paris and discovering all its secrets is wonderful.

Which tip would you like to share with « Pop in Paname » ?

It’s almost Christmas time and we can already feel this spirit in Paris. Admiring Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shop windows is always a good time. Each window represents another brand image and it can give ideas for your Christmas gifts !

Why do you love this tip?

What I love the most about this tip is falling back into childhood, it is a magical moment.In Alsace, this season is an important season for everyone and I miss that. These windows and the Christmas market make me feel home. And I love the Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette!

How to better enjoy this tip?

The best thing to do is to go there during the week and before all the tourists. Otherwise you won’t be able to see anything 😉

You should also have a hot chocolate on the 9th floor of Le Printemps department store at La Perruche : for me the most beautiful view of Paris ❤