I have just discovered a peaceful place in the heart of the busy Opera district. « Elephant Paname » is ideal to mingle with culture & dance lovers. You can also savor a tea time at the « Café Ep » after enjoying an art exhibition or a dance lesson!

The dance center

Elephant Paname is offering a really complete range of dances from « Modern Jazz » to « Oriental » and from « Hip hop » to « Bollywood ». You can either register for a single course or visit the center on a more regular basis. A lot of longer trainings are proposed (2 hours). I particularly like the one called « Dansez comme Beyoncé », ideal for Bachelorette parties with your friends! I also love the « ballerina Yoga » which offers discipline and spirituality, the perfect mix to open your « chakras » 😉 You can have a look at on all the sessions online.

The art center

This place is also offering the possibility to artists to showcase their art. The architect Roberto Baciocchi will soon present a pop-up space that is both symbolic, urban and intimate, inviting the public and the artists to life experiences with strong emotional values from 5 to 29 April 2018. A lot of conferences are also organised in this center. I will soon try the « Ministère du bonheur » one! You can discuss with specialists about keys to feel good each 3rd Tuesday of the month, from 8:00 to 9:30 am : the perfect Happy Morning!

Café Ep 

The Café Ep is open to students and locals everyday from Midday to 5PM! This Café is nicely decorated and you will feel well in it. It’s offering small dishes as well as tea offers, ideal to relax after a session!