French « cuisine » is really famous for its subtlety and diversity! Follow here my tips to enjoy French cooking lessons in Paris!

Pop in Paname Cooking class Paris

Cook and Go

I really like this concept as it’s really simple : You cook on site with a group,  a Chef is here to accompany you, and You Go to bake your meal at home and take all the time you need to enjoy it.  The choice of classes is really extended.  The macaroon cooking lesson is a perfect if you are receiving some friends or family for a tea time! You will be sure to impress them with a typical French sweet! 🙂
In this traditional « Galette des rois » time, I’m recommending you also the parents / children workshop to learn how to cook it in family! Lessons are mostly in French but quite easy to understand and I’m sure in this group you will find someone to translate the lesson for you 😉 There are many « Cook and Go » workshops in Paris, you will find for sure one near your place.

Baguette lesson

What is more « french » than the traditional « baguette »? You can learn to cook them by yourself with a famous Chef! You can enjoy some special lessons in English at « Cordon Bleu » or with the famous cooking class Alain Ducasse!

Pop in Paname

French Cooking Box

And last but not least, if you are staying in Paris for a few months, get a subscription to the box « moi Chef! » It’s the only box which enables you to cook like a french star Chef! You receive a box at home with :

  • Receipe for a traditional French Meal
  • All components
  • Some dedicated advice to succeed !

This month the box was created by the famous French Chef Guy Savoy!


Enjoy you meal! 😉