L'heure gourmande

As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his or her best tip for you! The article will be sent through my weekly newsletter the first Sunday of each month. This month Aurelie will tell you more about the charming place “l’Heure Gourmande”. This is also one of my favorite places, especially in Winter! This is going to be your first tip for 2019! I wish you a wonderful Parisian year with “Pop in Paname” 🙂

Firstly, tell me more about you Aurélie?

My name is Aurélie, I am originally from Val d’Oise and I have lived in Paris for several years. I like to share good times with my loved ones and activities such as climbing or rock dancing . I also love home cooking. I have a passion for the wildlife and I love quiet and peaceful places.

Which tip would you like to share with “Pop in Paname”?

I recently discovered a charming tea house: “L’heure gourmande” which literally means “the gourmet time”. This place is located in a lovely Parisian “passage” on 22 Passage Dauphiné (6th district of Paris, near Odeon). It is open every day from 11:30 am to 7:30pm.

L'heure gourmandeWhy do you love this tip?

I love the charm of the place, the cocooning atmosphere and the tea served in porcelain cups that makes you feel like home in winter. The beautiful terrace is perfect for the summer. All cakes are homemade and the chocolate pie is my favourite!

L'heure gourmande L'heure gourmande

How to better enjoy the tip?

You should book your table in advance to make sure to have a seat ready for you! You should also go there with an empty stomach to have enough appetite to enjoy several cakes!

L'heure gourmande

It’s the ideal place for a brunch or a tea time, in Summer or in Winter!

L'heure gourmande