I know that you are waiting for a true Parisian tip on « Pop in Paname »! Nevertheless I really have to tell you more about a place I have just discovered : “La Cantine » at Vincennes. This restaurant is really easily accessible from Paris with a direct access with the Métro Line 1 (Bérault). It is definitely my new crush thanks to its nice vintage deco, a great copious cuisine and a very smiling service! 

A canteen for a friendly moment

« La Cantine » is aptly named as you really feel at the “canteen” when staying there with your friends. The service is kind, warm, smiling and the staff is aware of your needs and advise you properly. I stayed at this place with my friends on a Sunday and the food choice for the brunch is really large : for the main course you can choose between salmon or bacon with eggs, or cod which is not that common, or French charcuterie. You can also opt for the “à la carte” option. I have ordered the salmon one with vegetables : simple & tasty. For the dessert, the French “crepes” are awesome… and the famous Nutella one remain my favorite! For the Sunday brunch, some artists play during your lunch time, for an even more friendly atmosphere.

Vintage decoration

The decoration is vintage with outdoor garden tables in case of great weather. Inside a lot of good mood sentences decorate the restaurant, as well as children toys. You will also find a pinball machine such as in the 80’s bars. You really should go to the toilets: it will remind you of your childhood.

The Rum house

The place is definitely the best area for a Rum! And this is even the motto of the restaurant : « doctorat en rhum arrangé » 😉

A great place to discover by day and… night!