I love typical Parisian Cafés to enjoy a break with my friends or even on my own. The « Café de Flore »  is one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris and it is famous for its well-known clients, particularly writers and philosophers in the 20th century. Service is fast and polite and the menu typically French! A stop in this place is the ideal break when you visit the Saint-Germain area!

A rich history at Café de Flore

Café de Flore was opened in the 1880’s during the Third republic. It’s located at the corner of the Boulevard Saint-Germain and Rue Saint-Benoit, in the very chic 6th quarter of Paris! The name is taken from a sculpture of Flora, the flower goddess and the spring season in the Roman mythology. The « Café de Flore » became really popular for famous writers visiting it in the 20’s. Georges Bataille and Robert Desnos were staying in this café really frequently and even Pablo Picasso.


An art-deco atmosphere

This Parisian café benefits from an art deco atmosphere with warm design and big mirrors. What I like is also the exterior flowers and plant decoration that you can enjoy inside while sitting on the 1st floor. You feel as if you were in a hanging garden!

A great service & food offer

Parisian waiters are not famous for their courtesy! That’s not the case of waiters at the « Café de Flore ». You will be welcomed with a large smile. The food is typical french such as the french « rillettes » or the « parmentier de canard ».  I highly recommend the hot chocolate « Chocolat special Flore » (7€)  : a real one, really tasty 😉

Have a try during your next Parisian walk ! ☕️