Mamma Primi Big Mamma

As you already know, once a month, I will let one of my Parisian friends share his best tip for you! The article will be sent through my newsletter the first Sunday of each month! You can register online for the weekly Parisian tip on my home page! Have a look!

This week my colleague Lauriana is sharing her interest and love for the Big Mamma Group!

Lauriana, firstly tell me more about you?

I come from Courbevoie, only 5 minutes from Paris with the train and always lived in Paris and surroundings. I love to get around in Paris and to discover new places, especially restaurants, as I’m really foodie 😉 That’s why I am a great fan of “Pop in Paname” tips and blog.

Which tip would like to share with “Pop in Paname”?

For me the Big Mamma group is the ideal place for Italian food lovers. This group has a lot of restaurants in Paris with delicious food such as Burrata and classical Italian pizzas!

Tell more about your favourite restaurant from the “Big Mamma group”?

I would recommend the “Pink Mamma”, located near the Moulin Rouge. The glass roof is beautiful. This is particularly ideal for a romantic dinner or a brunch with your friends on Sunday Morning. There is no dedicated Brunch menu but I love to take the time to choose the menu and share it with friends. This restaurant is also a cultural attraction as a lot of artworks are displayed.

Ping Mamma Big Mamma Pink Mamma BIg MammaMamma Primi Big Mamma

Did you discover the last “Big Mamma group“ restaurant?

Yes! The new “Big Mamma group” restaurant “La Felicita” is the last one on more than 4500 sqm (55, bld Vincent Auriol, 75013 Paris). There are a lot of restaurants, bars, a Library and even a biergarten! It just opened at the end of May 2018. I love the concept and the vintage  decoration on old train wagons. It’s a warm and cosy place that will satisfy all kinds of people. You will find pastas, risottos, cocktails bars etc… It’s affordable and the service is great despite the size of the restaurant.

Station F Big Mamma Station F Big Mamma Station F Big Mamma

A last tip for “Pop in Paname”?

As they take no reservation, you should always queue but it is worth and do not hesitate to go there early!

Thank you Lauriana ! 😊

I hope you enjoyed Lauriana’s tip! Feel free to contact me if you want to be part of “Pop in Paname” adventure and share your Parisian experiences with my followers!

As for me, I love the Mamma Primi near St Lazare which is my favourite one! 😉