If you are looking for a true local French experience you should discover the restaurant “Le 17.45”. There are 2 restaurants : one at “Les Batignolles” and the other one at “Republique”. This restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy cheese & « charcuterie ». Follow the guide!

Nice food and… desserts

« Le 17.45 » will perfectly fit your afterworks to share food with your friends. You can at this place choose among dozens of cheeses and “charcuterie”. You will travel during your meal. For example, you can enjoy: sausage from the south of France, ham with Provence herbs or serrano Spanish ham. All the menu is delicious! About the cheese you will travel in France only : Savoy, Brittany, Auvergne… If you are still hungry after that you can order an affordable dessert for 6.5€: the “choco-noisettes” is delicious and ideal to share.

Warm and cozy place

I know the Republique 17.45 restaurant. I recommend you to book at table in advance, ideally on the ground floor to have more room. The decoration is warm and simple and the service quick, efficient, and smiling!